TGIF – What’s Happening

Friday, January 18, 2013
Life as I know it.

I have been horizontal for the last five days. Knocked down and out by a bug that seems not to care one iota that I had a flu shot in November. Modern medicine? It mocks you.
Ah, the best laid plans of mice and women. Nothing I had planned to do this week has gotten done as I lay on my spreading backside, aside from drinking water, swallowing Robitussin and dutifully taking Advil. My mom believes that Vicks VapoRub cures everything. She used to make us eat it, really!
I was almost, but not quite, desperate enough to consider spreading the stuff all over my chest, neck, back, forehead, nostrils and even my feet! But then that was probably the fever talking.
OTC meds I salute you. Aachooo.
The last five days are a hazy memory filled with visions of sunshine, beaches and warm tropical breezes fueled by a low grade fever. The one constant? My remote control held firmly in my grasp. The cloud is lifting ever so slightly today; which is important since I  have a family and football filled weekend ahead. Aachoooo.
Go Niners!
Friday, January 11, 2013
Life as I know it.

It’s a cold morning in the Bay Area and the warmth of my bed held me captive longer than usual. Life is different and oddly serene as a newly retired private citizen. My calendar isn’t quite so full and my days are not so hectic. I was recently asked if I would continue to be involved in my community. My honest answer was, “I’m struggling with that”.

2013 provides a clean slate, an opportunity to evaluate what is most important to me. Right now my priorities are family, fitness (that, I admit is more of a goal) and fun.

In the coming weeks I will be busy planning for a special charity event, Football 101, Women love Football Too! This event will be held on Saturday the 26th at The Pear Street Bistro with a portion of the proceeds to benefit Children With Hair Loss US, a non-profit that offers assistance in the form of hair replacements to children experiencing medically related hair loss, at NO Cost to recipients. and the Bistro are hosting this event. The first part of the event is a a hair cutting session for those donating their hair. Starting at 2 pm Football 101 class will begin.
It promises to be will be fun and informative. The class will be taught by former SF 49ers offensive tackle and two time Super Bowl winner, Allen Kennedy.
I am excited to be a part of this event which marries some of my passions and interests, charity, football and small business.

But I did promise to keep you abreast of local things and now that everyone has returned to their normal routines, I can begin to provide a few updates.
I have received a few emails with specific questions that I will reply to next week on this blog. Stay tuned.

Save the Pinole Pool Committee
As you may know I am a member of this steering committee.
We now have our own blog and will be meeting on Monday the 14th in the Alex Clark Room at 6:30. We invite you to attend and support our effort to not only maintain this important community amenity but to offer ideas for its future.

City Business

New Sewer Lateral Ordinance
The Pinole City Council adopted a Sewer Lateral Ordinance on November 20, 2012.
Any property being sold that has not received an offer is required to comply with the City’s Sanitary Sewer Lateral Ordinance as of February 1, 2013.

Weekly Manager Report
When Charlie Long was hired as the Interim City Manager he implemented a weekly City Manager Report.
Items you might find of interest:

The Pinole-Hercules Wastewater Subcommittee will meet at 9:00 am on January 17 in the City of Pinole Council Chambers and will be televised.

There will be a City Council workshop on January 29 and will include a joint meeting with the West Contra Costa County School District Board and Pinole City Council. The meeting will take place in the Pinole Council Chambers on January 29. This will be a workshop format and may include an update on the construction schedule at Pinole Valley High and Pinole Middle School, public safety in the schools including the School Resource Officer Program, how well the video cameras are working, as well as school academic performances and expectations.

The second issue to be discussed after the joint school board session will be on Fire Services Alternatives. The City has been discussing for quite some time, the idea of contracting out our Fire Department and has held many discussions in the past on this topic. In addition, the City has received notification of a $1.2 million federal grant for the rehiring of 4 firefighters. The Council will be discussing various scenarios for use of the funds. As we proceed into 2013, we are looking for input from the community on their ideas and thoughts. This meeting will be take place from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm and will be televised. It is anticipated that each topic will be discussed for an hour and a half with the joint School Board/Council meeting beginning at 6:00 and the Fire discussion at approximately 7:30 pm. The public is encouraged to attend and participate.

Tuesday, January 15, City Council Meeting, 6:00

Wednesday, Janaury 16, 2013 Finance Sub-Committee, 5 PM

T ime to get back to preparing for the Playoff game tomorrow.
Go Niners!


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