TGIF – What’s Happening

Friday, January 25, 2013

Greetings everyone. Damn the flu, it’s really taken its toll on me.
My usual energy has been sapped, so much so that even the most exciting news I have received in a long time has been slow to fully assimilate.
I am going to the Super Bowl! I have a good friend whose husband  coaches for the 49ers and she called me on Monday to tell me that she was going to include me on their guest list for the Super Bowl!
I am still a bit dazed by this and so honored that she and her hubby thought so much of me to do include me in this once in a lifetime experience. I have yet to completely wrap my flu-ridden head around it. Attending a Super Bowl was on my bucket list and Mike and I did attend Super Bowl 40 in Detroit. But that event, although exciting and fun will not compare to being in New Orleans, with the team, and being part of what I hope is a victory for the Niners.
Speaking of football, the Pear Street Bistro and Femmefan are hosting a charity event for Children with Hair Loss tomorrow the 26th. The event will start with a hair-cutting session for those donating hair. At 1:00 we will begin the Football 101 session. There is a $25 fee which includes finger foods and a beverage. There will also be a raffle for some football goodies.
Make your reservation by calling the Bistro at 741-8875. Or pay at the door. Put your Game Face On!

The last few days were spent with my wonderful daughter, Cindy, who had gall bladder surgery. She is doing well and so I am now home and monitoring her over the phone.
But I have things to do, people to see and places to go. So although I’m operating at less than 100% I am working my way through my to do list today.

The City Council meets on Tuesday. It will be a special council meeting. The details are here.

Workshop meeting to discuss the WCCUSD, Pinole Valley High School and Pinole Middle School. Also on the agenda, a discussion regarding our Fire Services. Meeting begins at 6 pm.|

City Manager’s Report, January 25, 2013 here
Of interest, Rotary Crab Feed and the Q3 sales tax revenue report.

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