Skating on thin ice


There have been several attempts to build a Skate Board Park in Pinole. Locations have been found, chewed on, then spit out. Money was there, then it wasn’t.
Still the youth fought on. Pointing out that skateboarding is as real a sport as soccer and baseball and while Pinole is home to many baseball and soccer fields, there is no safe area for them to skate.
Why, then has it been such a battle to build a facility for these “skaters”?
It’s been seven years, give or take, since this conversation began.
Community support has been fairly consistent in its support, but it has not been without NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) protests.

There have been untold number of meetings, council meetings, more council meetings, community service commission meetings, community neighborhood meetings, meetings upon meetings. Council people have come and gone, we’ve changed city managers  and the recreation director left. There are always two sides to every issue, and this is the case with the Skate Board park. But the passion and persistence of Max Glanz and others has kept the Skate Board Park idea alive and is far from being forgotten.

They say the wheels of government move ever so slowly, yes, that is absolutely true. The only way to achieve anything is by having  the right people in the right places, knowing who to schmooze in positions of influence and power, or by the persistent efforts of small, grass-roots committees and community advocates who can work hard and apply political pressure.

Here we are seven years later and no closer to realizing Max Glanz and his fellow skaters dream.
Some of the young people who have been lobbying for a skateboard park in Pinole are probably ready to head off to college. At this rate many may become eligible for social security before their vision becomes a reality.
The next Skate Board Park Meeting will be held this week on Thursday April, 11, at 6 PM, Pinole City Hall.

If skaters get their park they might be overheard to say:
“Dude let’s go bust out a P-Town session”
“Yeah that would be sick dude”.
Session-(Sesh-un) Noun. A time that you go out and skate.
Sick-(Sik) Adj. Meaning awesome, skillful, or sweet.

To get some background on this check out the links below.
There is also a video of Max Glanz for you to view.
Pinole-Hercules PatchPinole Teen Fighting for Skatepark Says Council Does Not Keep its Word(VIDEO) Pinole Teen Fights for Skateboard Park

Contra Costa Times
Pinole council restores some skate park funding but proposes changing location

A meeting will be held on Thursday evening April 11, 2013 to discuss the skate park. On hand, will be a skate park designer, and design engineer, to present their evaluation of four sites currently under consideration. The meeting agenda will include discussions regarding the opportunities and constraints of each of the four sites, and discussions as to how each of the four sites will include recreational opportunities for skaters of all ability levels. It is expected that the meeting will be well attended by skaters, however, this will be a public meeting and all are welcome. Once the meeting has been completed, staff will be preparing a report for City Council review, sometime in May.

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