Hey Dude! Can you hear me now?

TGIF – Of Skate Parks and Cell Towers
Friday, April 12, 2013

Hey Dude!
This past Thursday a small group of parents, staff, residents and youth assembled at 2131 Pear Street to listen to presentations made by Cunha Enginnering, Civil Engineers and Brad Siedlicki, President of Pillar Action Sports Development, Skate Park Designer. The purpose of the meeting was to select a Pinole Skate Board Park site from a group of 4 possible sites. After several hours of discussion there was consensus amongst the group that the best location for the Park was “Area 2”. Area 2 is a large area at the northeast corner of the soccer field at the foot of Wright Avenue in Pinole Valley Park.
More than that I can’t provide without scanning a slew of diagrams.
I hope the city will post them on their website so that the community can review them.

I will not attempt to define the location or the various options discussed. What I will say is that the there was a general feeling of cautious optimism from all parties. Cautious because it has taken a very long time to come this far. Much work still needs to be done, but the possibility of a Skate Park in Pinole has inched ever closer.

Can you hear me now?
Recently I wrote about the proposed Verizon Cell Tower which would be built in Pinole Valley Park. This proposed facility appears to be on the fast track. Now that the Planning Commission has approved the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) by a 4-3 vote, the City Council will consider on Tuesday, April 16, whether or not to approve a resolution to allow the cell tower to be erected.
City Council Agenda here.
Please note the unusual start time (4:30) of the meeting, also note that Councilman Swearingen will be teleconferencing from his home.

Other items of interest on Tuesday’s agenda.
A. Responses to Citizen Questions / Concerns (Standing Item)
B. WCCIWMA Post Collection Negotiations Status Report (Standing Item)
C. Approve the Lease Agreement with Verizon Wireless For A Cellular Tower at Pinole Valley Park [Council Report No. 2013-34; Action: Approve Resolution and Lease per Staff Recommendation (Allison)]

A. Approve the Recreation Department Reorganization Plan [Council Report No.
2013-35; Action: Approve Resolution Per Staff Recommendation (DeLaRosa)]
B. Provide Direction To Staff On The Establishment Of The Wastewater Rates For Fiscal Year 2013-14 Through Fiscal Year 2017-18 [Council Report No. 2013-36; Action: Provide Direction to Staff & Continue to April 16, 2013 (DeLaRosa)]

C. Consider The Feasibility Regarding Contracting Out The City’s Fire Department.

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