Hola – Hello – Aloha – Hi

Greetings all. I am home after a long and difficult trip.
Tomorrow, Mike and I celebrate our 49th wedding anniversary which we will spend together, catching up.

As you may recall, the purpose of my trip was to try and convince my 92 year-old mother that she could no longer live alone in Puerto Rico. If you think a political campaign is grueling then you should try to campaign for what’s best for my mother! She is one tough cookie.
But, I am happy to report that after weeks of conversations, intervention from her priest as well as her doctor, I succeeded in getting my mom to leave her “Isla” and travel with me to Orlando Florida, where she is staying with my sisters. It was touch and go up until the moment I got her through security at the San Juan airport. I feared she would bolt at any moment.
This was a big step but the reality is there will be more hard work to do in order to have her remain in Orlando. More angst is in store for everyone. I kept a dairy of my trip and will be posting bits and pieces of it as time goes on.

I am still dealing with jet lag and overall exhaustion resulting from this difficult trip. But, I am getting my bearings back and will be able to update “Life as I know it” soon.
Of interest will be an update on the Verizon cell tower, the Skate Park and the Proposed Waste Water Treatment Plant Rate Increases.

50784_2013 Fun Run Logo

Remember that this Sunday, June 2, is the Save the Swim Center Fun Run.
The weather promises to be beautiful and the $25 donation will go towards maintaining one of the city’s most wonderful amenities, the Pinole Swim Center. Register here.