Skating on Thin Ice – Update


Max Glanz

Update – Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Pinole City Council by a vote of 5-0 authorized staff to execute three design contracts for the Pinole Skate Park.
By approving these contracts the City and the SK8 Park Committee have now set into motion a schedule for the design and construction of the SK8 Park.
Kudos to all for their persistence and dedication to this “vision”.

For those who have been following (for the last seven years) the progress or lack thereof of the
Pinole Skate Park, there are some recent developments to report.

On May 22, the Skate Park Committee met with City representatives and laid the ground work for the future of a Skate Park in Pinole.
This meeting was significant in that some of the most important issues were finally addressed, concerns aired and possibly mitigated.
For those of you who are in favor of the Skate Park this is good news; news that has been a long time coming. But we can expect that the proposed project will continue to be  discussed and debated before it becomes a reality. What we do know is that a major step has been taken in the campaign to bring a Skate Park to Pinole.

Below are comments from Sandee and Max Glanz, Skate Park Committee members following the meeting.

“Here is what happened at the skate park meeting last night:
Council approved the preferred larger 10k sq ft site in PV Park (located only yards from the original site). Council also approved moving ahead with the Design and Engineering aspect of the project and approved acquiring contracts with the Sk8 Park Designer and Civil Engineer who did the feasibility studies.
Most importantly, Dean Allison proposed construction to start in 2015 however Council and the Skate Park committee felt that was too long of a timeline. Council made/approved a motion to start construction in Spring/Summer of 2014!!
Our committee, the skaters of Pinole and much of the community has waited for a meeting like this for over 7 years! ”

The Pinole Skate Park Committee still has obstacles to overcome.
The preferred location in Pinole Valley Park could be an issue, and the possibility of cost overruns might present a new set of challenges. But, for this group of dedicated and persistent Pinole Skate Park advocates, these issues don’t seem insurmountable. Not after working for the last seven years just to get to this point.

1 thought on “Skating on Thin Ice – Update

  1. Unbelievable that the City Council would spend funds on a skate park when both Fire and Police are understaffed. The downtown has no traffic enforcement and over half the city is without adequate fire protection but the council wants to throw money at a skate park.

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