Life as I know it

we_areThursday July 11, 2013

Life. It has taken me on many interesting journeys.
But this year, it is the year of the family. I often reflect on those that I have loved and lost. Some of them have been taken much too soon. Others have lived long and happy lives. From each of them I have taken away some knowledge, gained some wisdom and enhanced my perspective.
I have been caring for my 92 year old mom for a large part of this year, first in Puerto Rico, and more recently in Orlando Florida, where I took her to be with my sisters. Three weeks ago she suffered a stroke, and I flew there to be with her and my sisters.

But the political wheel does keep on turning.
Jeff Rubin has taken exception to my posts and made that very clear at a recent Council meeting.
In my world and life the cheap shots taken by Jeff Rubin relative to this blog are a mere irritation and pesky nuisance. Frankly they are not unexpected. Jeff Rubin and I have been sparing for about five years.

It is my first amendment right to express my opinions. And it is also the right of others in the community to speak their mind. I offer no apologies.
In my posts I have used excerpts from statements and comments made by others in this community. They see things in a different light and have differing opinions. Posting them on my blog shouldn’t get anybody’s britches in a bunch.

But, it’s fine. His comments have in fact, gained me some unexpected popularity and new followers.
Thanks Jeff.

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