Life as I Know it

This blog is my personal expression of life. Often I use this blog as a forum to express my opinions about life as a Pinole resident.
And sometimes, I share with you some more personal and delicate areas of my life.
Those of you who follow my exploits are aware of the struggles my family has had attempting to care for my mom.
This year has been, for me, the year of the family.
It has been a tough year, a year that has stirred deep emotions and has made me very reflective.

Mom is 92 and 1/2 years old. She is the strongest woman I have ever known. But doctors are saying to us that the end is near.
I am discovering feelings about my mother I never either knew I had or simply refused to accept. You see, I am my mother’s daughter, after all.

I have come to realize how she took care of us when we had nothing and lived in a walk up tenement in the South Bronx.  I remember how she fought for us and I mean literally fought for us on the mean streets of the Bronx. She never let anyone take advantage of her daughters. I realize now how she went to work at a local discount store to give us what we needed and to help out our dad. These are things you don’t appreciate when you’re 18 years old and are looking for a way to escape your mother’s control.

I see my mother now through softer more gentle eyes. I see now how much she loved her “babies” as she now calls us when she is living in her dementia-clouded past. I see now that a mother is also a person, and even when you don’t necessarily like them you always do love them.

mom and dadMom and dad

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