Hope for our Hero – Rich Voisey


Pinole Fire Fighter Rich Voisey is fighting the biggest fight of his life.
Rich has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Brain Cancer.

Rich is well known to the citizens of Pinole. He has served this community for many years and is loved by many. We are raising  funds to get the proper medical treatment for Rich. Rich has been a part of the Pinole Fire Department for over 28 years and is a resident of Pinole.
Rich has served this community and given back, we can now give back to Rich and Nancy.
Rich is a devoted family man and as we all know, an illness such as this impacts everyone.

Please help us raise funds to cover medical costs not covered by Kaiser. UCSF can perform surgery but the costs for this treatment are not covered by Kaiser.
A new website has been created to help raise money to cover Rich’s medical costs.

Hope for Our Hero – Rich Voisey

A Fundraiser is being held on February 15 at Station 74.
Fund Raiser for Rich – February 15, 2014.
Fundraiser for Rich. Come down to Station 74 at 1:00 and enjoy the day while raising money for Rich’s medical costs.


Donations link
Please follow the link to donate.

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