Because I’m Happy

I’m in my Happy Place.

On the heels of a personal and very public attack by my Pinole political nemesis; the real world and the people who matter most in my life, came into clear focus, yep, reality slapped me right upside the head.
My granddaughter’s health became a concern and my sister was facing major surgery, and they needed me.
I suddenly realized how low on my list of priorities this personal attack ranked.

Happiness is the truth. Come along.

I hope your summer was great and spent doing all the things that make you happy, mine was.
I have been enjoying three months at home without traveling for anything but enjoyment.
And I am savoring every minute of it.
Gosh how did I not see that there are a lot of people depending on me? Why didn’t I realize that time is the most valuable commodity one has to offer?
I have become reflective at the age of 69.
I have begun thinking about what I will leave behind.
I am making a conscious decisions to spend time with those I love and share experiences that leave a lasting memory. Because my happiness is about everybody except me.

Fall is in the air, football season is upon us, and I am in my happy place.

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