The Fire Fighter Fire Storm

Fallen_Firefighters_Memorial,_Engine_Co._No._27,_HollywoodLocal Control – Is Pinole Getting it Wrong?

There has been an on going tug of war between Fire Fighters Local 1230 and the City Pinole.
I recently received some comments/observations/opinions, which I had not published.
The author of those comments wishes to remain anonymous but has agreed to allow me to post his comments/observations/opinions.
These comments/opinions/observations are those of the author only.



Fire Chief (1) Retired Fire Chief (1)
Fire Chief’s Executive Secretary Vacant
Assistant Chief Emergency Operations Vacant
Assistant Chief Support Services Vacant
Assistant Chief Administrative Services Vacant
Training Division Vacant
Training Chief Vacant
EMS Chief Vacant
Communication Division Vacant
Communication Manager Vacant
Facilities Management Division Vacant
Facilities Manager Vacant
Information Services Vacant
I.S. Manager Vacant
Logistics Division Vacant
Logistics Manager Vacant
Fire Prevention Bureau Vacant
Fire Marshal Vacant
Code Enforcement Vacant
Engineering Services Vacant
Exterior Hazard Control Vacant
Investigations Vacant
Public Information Vacant
Public Education Vacant

Costing MORE to Stay Stand Alone

FY 2014/2015


$3,800,219 (Stand Alone)



Hemet: Council contracts with county ending city’s fire department

Rodeo Reopens Station 75 with Grant Money



9 thoughts on “The Fire Fighter Fire Storm

  1. Well, Health and Safety does not seem to be a priority by CIty Hall. Out of the $1.2 Million of the SAFER Grant that was Awarded to the City of Pinole, City Hall will at best case only spend less than 33% of this money before the grant expires. This is sad, this is free money from a grant that does not even get spent. The City hopes to be able to apply for an extension, but in my experience Washington, does not like grant recipients who do not spend the money in a timely manner. Why? Because when budget cutting comes around, FEMA’s budget will be reduced because they have not spent last years money, so the logic is clearly FEMA is overfunded and therefore the FEMA budget gets reduced for the following budget cycle and employees in the department have to be RIF-ed. In Spanish we just say, “Que Ayuda”. And wow, that is a whole lot of vacancies!

  2. The Rodeo-Hercules Fire District is using grant money to reopen Station 75 in Rodeo…

    The City of Pinole has had access to grant money for about two years now and Station 74, in Pinole Valley, is still dark. Why? Its because Pinole is one of the worst managed cities in the Bay Area. The political crapola that our City Council majority calls leadership hurts all Pinole residents and taxpayers. FIRE is on the News every day and Pinole Valley is a tinderbox. Without enough trained and ready fire personnel, our residents are at a huge risk. Pinole swore in 4 new firefighters in Jan 2014. By June 2014, two of those new hires were already gone…

    Cant wait to hear about how the city needs more tax dollars to enhance Public Safety.

    “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”

    Giving these clowns more money is akin to enabling substance abuse. Vote NO on Measure S!

  3. The City of Pinole dropped the ball on this years ago when Confire made a proposal to take over fire services, which included keeping both stations open and retaining all of the Fire Fighters and bringing in new equipment, ie Fire Trucks and Engines, better training and yes a different pay scale which meant the Fire Fighters would be receiving raises immediately. As I recall this was the loudest compliant by the vocal minority. Local Control was the secondary issue. I privately spike to a Council Member at the time and told her that “You write the contract, with terms and conditions that include more of voice by the Coty of Pinoleover operations within the City”. Who knows where that information went. Another example how the vocal minority railroads over more moderate citizens to push their agenda down the throats of the City and it’s’ citizens. I used to love it here, small, friendly town and unfortunately these hysterical few have ruined it for me and many others. How sad!

    • You bet, Laura. Our pols and city “leaders” kowtow to the crybabies that have a vendetta against the Pinole FD. Our city officials are literally playing with fire. It is the most glaring example of mis-management (Espinosa) in this small town, beseiged by its own government. When does this nonsense end?

  4. The Sunday Times (09/28/14): The Times Editorial Board has rejected Pinole’s Measure S on the November ballot. The key reason was their concern that Pinole’s officials would not use the revenue in a practical manner. The Board also questioned why this was written as a PERMANENT Tax…

    Wrong tax, wrong time, wrong leadership at City Hall. VOTE NO!

  5. According to a friend who attended the Monday 9/29 meeting, it was more of a CCOP Pageant. Pageant Producer/Director Rubin was wearing out the rugs as his minions sputtered for an hour. ‘Ol Crazy Horton was there to rewrite history and offer her unusual cheerleader routine. Ho hum another bizarro night at City Hall. The lack of participation by the regular folks is a testament to the frustration level with our dysfunctional government. Did the opening on the Planning Commission ever get filled? Community Services Commission? Pinole has become a “beehive of apathy” an oxymoron just for us…

  6. Who would want to actually deal with these people? No one in their right mind would attend because you can’t argue in a constructive manner with closed-minded people. Good people have other much more important things to do: spend time with their families, cook dinner, help with homework, sleep…than deal with the vocal minority.

  7. Saw the reopening of Station 75 on the Ten Oclock News tonight (Wednesday). Chief Hanley was interviewed briefly. If you recall, Hanley was the Fire Chief in Rodeo-Hercules AND Pinole for a short time, but was terminated by the clowns on Pear St. You have to guess that as a professional and executive in the Public Safety field, he was not an ideal employee for Pinole. Our City Council and cityadministration is more interested in pursuinging their vendetta against the Fire Dept. After Chief Hanley, Pinole has had a series of temporary fire chiefs, the latest of whom seems to be out on medical leave! What a reputation Pinole must have in political and human resource circles. We are paying taxes to a laughingstock operation…

  8. the fire chief isn’t the most popular guy in town but he’s the boss.
    just like the city manager loves being called Queen Bee.
    his FB page contained the following post.
    Rob Piper:
    September 9, at 9:26 PM
    I usually am home about 4:00. But, I’m the Chief so I can leave any time. How about a beer (or two) next week? Wednesday? Pick a time and place.

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