The Dust Has Settled


The mid-term election is over, the results are in and the dust is settling.
Some results were no surprise, in other cases the results were revealing and unexpected.
Elections and the politics associated with it have become a macabre ritual. One that many voters are now finding unpalatable. Maybe we should hold elections on Halloween and really get into the mood.

Surprises? The big money campaign by Chevron was dealt a blow, their Richmond City Council and Mayoral candidates all lost.
The Richmond Progressive Alliance campaign, working with far more limited funds, resonated with the voters more than the slick mailers, TV ads and talking post cards.
The RPA has held onto its power in Richmond politics. It may be that the negative campaign and the flaunting of big money worked against Chevron’s candidates, certainly not the desired effect or result.

The West Contra Costa Unified School District School Board race took on a life of its own and was as hotly contested as any Board election in recent memory. It didn’t lack for varying points of view and philosophies presented by a diverse field of ten candidates.

There were dueling campaign finances at play in this race, the Kronenburg campaign was supported by advocates of the Bond program, whereas the campaigns of Block and Cuevas received support from Charter school advocates and critics of the bond program. Only one incumbent was re-elected, Kronenburg. The two new Trustees are newcomers, Block and Cuevas. They join Todd Groves and Randy Enos on the School Board. Gone are Eliane Merriweather and long time President Charles Ramsey.

In Pinole we were spared the hair-raising antics we have endured in recent elections, we may be small but there are a lot of politicos at work here.
The incumbents went unchallenged. It means another four years for Long, Green and Banuelos with little if any change to current policies or points of view.

Measure S.2 appears to have passed by the hair on its chinny chin chin.
Now the most expensive places to shop are El Cerrito and Pinole.
Others will follow suit as a sales tax creates a revenue stream cities can use for any and all general fund expenses.

1 thought on “The Dust Has Settled

  1. The “election” was a lackluster event, save for the unfortunate passage of Measure S. Putting the taxe dollars from a maxed out sales tax credit card into the hands of this City Council and City Manager, defies Common Sense. It was a close vote and it took the almighty efforts of the “gang that couldnt shoot straight” to squeak this one out. Signs, phone banking, Pinole TV , slick mailers and inclusion of ads in regular city mailers produced this ongoing debacle called municipal governance here in Pinole. I’ll bet the champagne corks were popping at Meyers Nave, our FORTUNATE legal representation…

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