Dancing between the raindrops

dancing_between_the_raindropsDecember 18, 2014

Hello world:

I haven’t posted anything recently as I continue my “year of the family” and personal introspection.
For someone who has been involved in community and volunteerism for over 14 years I have found the change in my daily routine challenging, interesting, at times boring, often peaceful.  It is a pace and a place I am not used to.
In the last 20 months I have cared for my daughter, husband, two sisters, and my mom. I don’t really feel qualified to be a care giver, but maybe that’s why I was challenged with that role.

In this current state of reflection and retirement I see working folks rushing off daily and am content in the knowledge that I am not sitting on the freeway at 6 am. Not needing an alarm clock anymore is a really liberating perk of retirement. No early meetings for me, oh no, sorry, can’t do it.
I usually open my eyes and think, “what day is it”?

I once had a boss, a big powerful man, with a personality and ego the size of his native New Joisey. He told me that he spent an entire year, as a college student, without speaking.
It was what he wrote his thesis on, and if you knew him you would realize that keeping him quiet for any length of time was harder than dancing between rain drops. But it gave him perspective, clarity and taught him to listen.
In some ways I have spent the last 20 months dancing between rain drops, or at least trying to.

My life experiences are no different for others. We all have challenges, tragedies, happiness and successes.
But at some point we should stop and assess our life.
When do we reflect, when do we say I’m sorry, I miss you, I love you, when do we say that people mean more than material things?
Do we wait until it’s too late? Too often and sadly that is the reality.

I am not a religious person, my life is lived according the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have others do unto you.
I don’t need to hear that from a pulpit or read it in scripture. It is about living my life as the best person I can be, not hurting others, not betraying family, it’s about helping others and doing as much good as I can do in the years I am given. But family is first.
I reject those who say the right things yet do the wrong things.

As we head into a New Year I will set aside time to reconnect with my readers/followers on a more regular basis and keep you informed on our community.
But for now, I am slowly dancing between the rain drops.

Ivette Ricco


1 thought on “Dancing between the raindrops

  1. Well said sis. Keep doing what you do because you do it so well. I hope next year will be your year to fulfill your dreams. I’m so very grateful to have you in my life. Your awesome, amazing and you rock! Thanks for all your nursing skills and support you’ve extended to me and my family. Love rain! But love you more! 🙂

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