RIP – Rich Voisey

HopeIt is with great sadness that I report that Rich Voisey, a man who lived life to the fullest has passed after a two year battle with brain cancer, a battle he fought with valor.
Rich was full of passion, passion for his family, his friends, his fellow fire fighters and for his community, Pinole. His passion and strong beliefs set him apart, even when he was challenged for those beliefs, Rich never backed down and fought the bullies who attempted to silence him. Rich was a community hero, and they don’t come along very often.
His smile and laugh are indelibly etched into our minds and hearts.
My deepest condolences to Nancy and his family. He was a man among men.
When you drive past Station 74 in the Valley, remember Rich and honor his memory.
Rich_VoiseyThe tribute to Rich at Station 74 is growing.
IMG_2454 IMG_2433
IMG_2449 IMG_2451



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