Valley Cell Tower Goes Before the Planning Commission

Notice of Public Hearing:
The City is moving ahead with plans to allow Verizon to construct a cell tower on Pfeiffer Lane on private property.
The Planning Commission meets on Monday, November 16, at 7 Pm, to consider the action.
Members of the community have raised objections to this site and they have submitted their objections, concerns and comments, in writing to the City and the Planning Commission.
The report is here.

The City sent out this notice of Public Hearing:
The Pinole Planning Commission will hold a hearing in the City Council Chambers at 2131 Pear Street, Pinole, Ca. on Monday, November 16, 2015 at 7:00 PM to consider the items listed below. The Planning Commission will consider public input received and will review the project materials for the Pinole Verizon Wireless Communications Facility project application.

Design Review (DR 14-26) and Conditional Use Permit (CUP14-13): Pinole Verizon Wireless Communications Facility project.

Consideration of a design review and conditional use permit request to construct a new wireless communications facility including the installation of nine panel antennas mounted within a 34-foot tall faux water tank on a concrete pad foundation and an approximately 653 square foot fenced equipment area, located below the faux water tank. The project includes a stand-by 30 kilowatt (kW) diesel generator with UL 142 fire-rated 132-gallon diesel fuel tank and underground utility lines leading up to the proposed facility from Pfeiffer Lane. Grapevine plantings would be included on the north, west, and south sides of the fenced equipment area for screening purposes. The total disturbed area for the project would be approximately 4.483 square feet which includes the driveway modifications,utility tranches, and equipment areas.

Environmental Review:
The City prepared a draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) to identify the potential environmental impacts of the project. The Planning Commission will consider adoption of an Initial Study/MND and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program in conjunction with consideration of the request.

Pamela Nobel.
Verizon Wireless
2010 Crow Canyon Place, Suite 355
San Ramon, Ca. 94583

2518 Pfeiffer Lane
Pinole, Ca. 94564
APN: 360-131-036

Project Planner:
Mike Moore, Contract Planner

If you attend:
Planning Commission meets, Monday November 16 at 7 pm., City Hall.

5 thoughts on “Valley Cell Tower Goes Before the Planning Commission

  1. To those attending tonight. The Planning Commission is limited as to what they consider. The project must meet the City Plan, conditions of use for the property, meetings were to have been properly noticing including but not limited to signage near the project site, written noticed to all adjacent property owners and those within a certain number of feet from the project (1000 feet I believe), EIR and other basic conditions. The City Council however has more leeway on what they consider. Have they erected story poles to demonstrate what the tower would generally look like? If so was it accurately demonstrated? By that I mean is it the finished height, width, etc. Are there any deed restrictions on the property? Are the people who are applying for the permit the actual people who should be applying: all owners, not just some, or by proxy or renters? I wish you luck. If they have not done story poles I would as a property owner insist that they could at the very least do that. That would buy you some more time. Bring your children, everyone in your household, and as many neighbors as you can find, there is strength in numbers.

  2. On Monday night, Nov 16, the Planning Commission rejected Verizon’s application for a Conditional Use Permit for a cell tower at 2518 Pfeiffer Lane. While a victory for the Topplers, it will surely be appealed by Verizon, setting up another meeting in December. One of the Commission’s findings included the fact that this cell tower was incompatible with suburban residential single family zoning.

  3. The Pinole Planning Commission denied Verizon’s application for a Conditional Use Permit and the decision was appealed by Verizon. One of the reasons given was “uncompatible with suburban residential zoning”. Stay tuned for the appeal to the City Council…

  4. On Feb 9, 2016 the Pinole City Council will have a special meeting. They will address an appeal made by Verizon Wireless after their application for A Conditional Use Permit was rejected by the Planning Commission. The idea that the City Council can give this issue a fair hearing is ludicrous. The conflict of interest here is enormous. I’ll explain:
    In 2013, the City Council voted to sign a contract with Verizon, to put a 85ft cell tower in Pinole Valley Park. this, after fierce opposition from local residents who did not to live next to this tower, and with the added insult to injury of having placed it in quiet , pristine forest, near hiking trails. The City Council majority (Murray, Swearingen and Banuelos) ignored the Locals (as they are wont to do), and sided with their Corporate friends. It backfired when the State told them it was illegal and stopped this project cold. Verizon threatened a lawsuit, of course and Pinole pleaded ignorance. It is increasingly hard to believe either one didnt know they were breaking the law, they just thought they could get away with it. The threat of the lawsuit is still with us. Verizon will bully Pinole til it gets what it wants and the three Councilmembers are prone to allow this new tower to be built. They will throw the Locals overboard AGAIN! Already at recent meetings, our forgetful mayor Roy Swearingen has begun his surrender song, dropping hints like, “Well theres nothing we can do” and “Its out of our hands”. Only barnyard scatology works here: BULLSHIT! Please come to the meeting and help your City Councilmembers see that their preferred method of ignoring the citizens they purport to represent, is an Abomination and Un-American…

  5. I have received a copy of the “Settlement Agreement” between Verizon and the Cityfrom July 2015. It is completely in Verizons favor and not worth the paper it is printed on. Section 7 of the agreement stipulates that even if Pinole gives Verizon everything they want, Verizon can still sue for damages Copies are available from the City Clerk, or ask me and I’ll give you one. Our City council has made our city a hostage to a corporate bully.

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