Pinole to Consider Purchase of Faria House

At the March 1, 2016 Pinole City Council meeting the Council considered a resolution that would direct staff to explore the feasibility of purchasing the Faria House. They also are to explore issuing a RFP for the sale of the Bank Building and the vacant lot currently known as the “Community Corner”, 2301 San Pablo Avenue.

Staff was directed to order appraisals on each of these properties as well as several other vacant city-owned properties.
The Historic Faria House has been long been discussed as a potential home for, the Pinole Historical Society, Pinole non-profits such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Pinole Artisans, a tea house and for rented or leased office space.
But, the cost of remodeling, construction and making the Faria House ADA compliant is cost prohibitive. Estimates over the years were said to be in excess of $500,000.

Faria House at its original location.

At the March 1 meeting the Council discussed developing a plan that would evaluate the value of the Faria House and the City’s ability to purchase it.
Once the appraisals were received the City could set forth a plan to consider its purchase.
The cost of remodeling the property might be mitigated by grants. Identifying financial sources to purchase and remodel the property would become a part of any long term plan for the acquisition of the property.
Bank of Pinole Building

The Bank Building and the Community Corner will also be appraised as the City explores its options.
These two Old Town landmarks, if developed properly, could enhance Old Town and help to restore some of its lost vibrancy, a goal the City and the Chamber have shared for more than 9 years.
Community Corner, 2301 San Pablo Avenue

In addition to those agenda items the Council considered a resolution that would ban Plastic bags and styrofoam.
There were various viewpoints presented by the Council on this item, ultimately the Council agreed to have staff research this further.

The City Council Meeting Video is“>here.

Under Citizens to be Heard, I notified the Council, and the community, that I was now the Pinole resident representative on the WCCUSD Citizens Bond Oversight Committee. I am also the Chair of the CBOC Pinole Valley High School Citizens Bond Oversight Committee.
If you are interested in becoming a member of the CBOC, please feel free to contact me,

The next Pinole City Council meeting will be held on March 15, 2016



1 thought on “Pinole to Consider Purchase of Faria House

  1. With City dollars so scarce, the Pinole Historical Society would do well to start some serious fund-raisng efforts to further their goals. After all, the Pinole Youth Center is largely self-funded, along with the Pinole Senior Center, two City amenities that touch more lives than the Historical Society…

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