A Toast to Youth – Cheers!


The Pinole Youth Foundation invites you to their Wine Tasting Fundraiser.
Saturday, June 25, 2016. From 4 – 8 PM.
Pinole Senior Center, 2500 Charles Ave., Pinole.
Tickets are $20 per person before May 25, $25 after May 25.
Tickets are available at the Pinole Senior Center or at atoasttoyouth.eventbrite.com





Spring Plant Sale



The Pinole Garden Club is holding its annual plant sale this Saturday, May 21.
The Pinole Farmers Market in Old Town Pinole (in the Pear Street Bistro parking lot).
From 9 AM to 1 PM.
Succulents, herbs, vegetables, annuals, perennials, tomatoes, drought tolerant plants.
All propagated or grown from seed by Pinole Garden Club Members.

The Pinole Garden Club has been active for over 50 years.
They are dedicated to creating and promoting further interest in outdoor and outdoor gardening, plant life, in pollinators and appreciation of the natural beauties of California.
They contribute to:
USDA Penny Pines Reforestation Project
Blue Star Memorial Highway Marker
Horticultural College Scholarship
Gardens at Heather Farms
World Gardening through Heifer International Tree Seedling Program
Pinole Library – Garden Books and DVDs
Pinole Garden Club
P.O. Box 25
Pinole, Ca. 94564

Join them at the Pinole Farmers Market on Saturday.


About Pinole


What’s happening? Or as we say in Spanish, Que Pasa?
Well for one thing, lots.
I am sad to say that one of Pinole’s most iconic and generous small businesses is closing its doors.
The Garden of Gem will shut it doors for good on June 26.
It has been my personal pleasure as the Executive Director and President of the Pinole Chamber of Commerce to know and work with Lee Ann Miller and her daughter Amber.
In addition it was Lee Ann who convinced my screaming granddaughter Rachel, when she was only 5 to let her pierce her ears.
Lee Ann has always given back to the community with grace and generosity.
It is now time for the community to express its appreciation for all that she has done, her generosity and community spirit.
I will be writing a story about Lee Ann, Amber and the Garden of Gems for this blog, stay tuned.

Here’s a sample of the goings on in Pinole as posted to the City Manager’s Weekly Report, May 5, 2016.
You can read the entire report here.

Date and Time



Tuesday May 17, 2016 6:00 pm

City Council meeting

City Council Chamber 2131 Pear Street

Monday, May 23, 2016 6:00 p.m.

Joint Planning Commission/Council meeting

City Council Chamber 2131 Pear Street

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 3:00 p.m.

Finance Subcommittee Meeting

City Council Chamber 2131 Pear Street



The City of Pinole along with the City of Hercules will be holding a groundbreaking event for the Water Pollution Control Plant Upgrade Project the morning of May 18th. Attendance at the event is by invitation only due to space constraints.
Many people have work tirelessly to bring this project to this very important milestone.
At the event, we will be thanking all the project team members.

This upgrade has been in the works, pun intended, since 2009.
There has been a lot of talk about this Plant Upgrade and some community members remain convinced that the cost of this project is extreme.
These resident are also voicing concern about Pinole’s rate increases given Hercules’ rapid rate of growth, Hercules’ population is listed at approx. 24,000 while Pinole’s is listed as approx. 18,000.
Hercules and Pinole share expenses for the plant.
The City Website provides data on this subject.
I have also heard some grumbling about the lack of information being provided regarding the May 18, 2016 ground breaking ceremony.
Comments are welcome on this blog or via email to ivettericco@gmail.com.


The Pinole Youth Center would like to celebrate art and fun with the community through a Cookies & Canvas event. The event is scheduled for Saturday May 21st from 4:00 pm -8:00 pm at the Pinole Youth Center. We invite everyone to enjoy cookies, while painting a beautiful masterpiece. This event is open to the public! All ages are welcome. Call (510) 724-9004 for ticket sales.


The sixth annual Pinole Community Service Day will be held Saturday, May 21, 2016. This is a great opportunity in Pinole for residents to help make their community or neighborhood a better place to live. Last year, more than 150 volunteers participated in a variety of community projects which paired volunteers with community organizations for three-hour, hands-on service projects, followed by a free thank you lunch. Register and have a free breakfast from 8-9 a.m. at the Pinole Youth Center, work from 9 a.m. to noon, and then return to the Youth Center for lunch. To sign up to volunteer as an individual or a group, click the Volunteer Application in the Manager’s Report or email recreation@ci.pinole.ca.us.

Community Service Day, 2011.
The Community Corner Team.




Please see the attached Wanted Poster that the Police Department is circulating. You can also find the information on the Police Departments Facebook as well as other social media outlets. We want to encourage residents of Pinole to be the “eyes and ears” in the community and to report crimes when they see them.


The Police Department will be sponsoring a Citizen Academy beginning May 21st and continuing until June 25th. Classes will meet on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon at the Public Safety Building. The Citizen Academy is designed to give an inside look at the Pinole Police Department. Speakers will include the Chief of Police, Police Officers, K-9 Officer, Dispatchers, Detectives, and others. There will also be a tour of a Contra Costa County jail facility. The Citizen Academy is open to Pinole residents and citizens who work in Pinole who are 18 and older. Please see the attached application form. Call Crime Prevention Officer, John Palmini, at 510-724-8961, for more information.

Layout 1

Items in Italics are derived directly from the Pinole City Manager’s Report, May 5, 2016.
Got news? Got something to say?
Ok, but I control this blog so keep it clean.
Want to promote a local event?
Shout out.




Gateway West, A Map


Recently I have been asked by members of the community to tell them what exactly is being built on Pinole Valley Road adjacent to Kaiser.
I had a vague idea but couldn’t answer all of their inquiries.
Most residents are aware that several developments are taking place but are not quite sure what is going where.
I took a look at the City’s website to try and get a better visual picture and answer the questions I have been asked.
But the diagrams on the City’s website don’t help the average person who has little or no background in land development or construction or those who have not kept pace with the actions of the City.
I asked the City Planner, Winston Rhodes if he could provide a simple map to better define the ongoing projects.

The diagram below was sent to me by Winston, thank you Winston.
*5/13/16, the developer’s map, (link) has more detail, thanks Tony.


The “map” indicates that there will be a Tropical Smoothie Cafe and a Habit Burger on PV Road adjacent to the Bowling Alley.
Sprouts is shown on PV Road adjacent to Henry and across from Kaiser.
Starbucks drive-thru is located at the PV Road Highway 80 Exit (westbound), adjacent to Kaiser.

I hope this helps everyone who asked me to get this info for them.

WCCUSD Approves New Master Plan


The Goal:
“The Facilities Master Plan will guide the prioritization and sequencing of construction projects utilizing the remaining bond funds and future projects beyond current funding. The process includes a data gathering activities in the fall including Demographics, School Capacity, Input Meetings, School Site Assessments and Standards leading to the creation of an overall District wide Needs List. A Prioritization Committee of Community Members from each city, Elementary Parents from each High School Family, Community Bond Over-site Committee Representative and K-12 Operation Representatives will be tasked with taking the input from the Input Meeting and devising criteria for creating a score card for sequencing construction projects. In January and February, the results of these efforts will be brought back out to the community for additional input. The final option will be taken to the Board of Education before Implementation can begin.”

The Result:
By a vote of 3-2 the WCCUSD voted on April 27, 2016 to approve an amended New Facilities Master Plan.
This process concludes months of meetings with special committees created specifically  to develop priorities and criteria, followed by community meetings.

Recognizing the limited bond funds available and the critical needs of schools, the Board voted to attempt to address the most pressing and serious safety issues for the remaining schools identified, a total of 21 schools were included in the scope of the New Facilities Master Plan.
Implementation plans will follow.
Read the CCT article here.