WCCUSD Approves New Master Plan

The Goal:
“The Facilities Master Plan will guide the prioritization and sequencing of construction projects utilizing the remaining bond funds and future projects beyond current funding. The process includes a data gathering activities in the fall including Demographics, School Capacity, Input Meetings, School Site Assessments and Standards leading to the creation of an overall District wide Needs List. A Prioritization Committee of Community Members from each city, Elementary Parents from each High School Family, Community Bond Over-site Committee Representative and K-12 Operation Representatives will be tasked with taking the input from the Input Meeting and devising criteria for creating a score card for sequencing construction projects. In January and February, the results of these efforts will be brought back out to the community for additional input. The final option will be taken to the Board of Education before Implementation can begin.”

The Result:
By a vote of 3-2 the WCCUSD voted on April 27, 2016 to approve an amended New Facilities Master Plan.
This process concludes months of meetings with special committees created specifically  to develop priorities and criteria, followed by community meetings.

Recognizing the limited bond funds available and the critical needs of schools, the Board voted to attempt to address the most pressing and serious safety issues for the remaining schools identified, a total of 21 schools were included in the scope of the New Facilities Master Plan.
Implementation plans will follow.
Read the CCT article here.

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