Gateway West, A Map

Recently I have been asked by members of the community to tell them what exactly is being built on Pinole Valley Road adjacent to Kaiser.
I had a vague idea but couldn’t answer all of their inquiries.
Most residents are aware that several developments are taking place but are not quite sure what is going where.
I took a look at the City’s website to try and get a better visual picture and answer the questions I have been asked.
But the diagrams on the City’s website don’t help the average person who has little or no background in land development or construction or those who have not kept pace with the actions of the City.
I asked the City Planner, Winston Rhodes if he could provide a simple map to better define the ongoing projects.

The diagram below was sent to me by Winston, thank you Winston.
*5/13/16, the developer’s map, (link) has more detail, thanks Tony.


The “map” indicates that there will be a Tropical Smoothie Cafe and a Habit Burger on PV Road adjacent to the Bowling Alley.
Sprouts is shown on PV Road adjacent to Henry and across from Kaiser.
Starbucks drive-thru is located at the PV Road Highway 80 Exit (westbound), adjacent to Kaiser.

I hope this helps everyone who asked me to get this info for them.

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