It’s Always Sunny in Pinole?


Well, almost always.
Sunny or foggy, it’s still the place we call home.
First, thank you for reading my blog, the numbers have been unbelievable.
Today Riccofreako  is taking the easy way out and simply attaching the Pinole City Manager’s Administrative Report, but pointing out a few items of particular interest.
You can get the full report with all the details below.

Monday, August, 8, 2016 Planning Commission, 7 PM
Tuesday, August 16, 2016, City Council, 7 PM

Saturday, August 6,  9 am to 9 am. Relay for Life
Collins Elementary School

November 2016 Local Election, Pinole
As of August 3rd, nomination papers pulled by:
4 Year Council Seats (2) Roy Swearingen (I), Pete Murray (I)
2 Year Council Seat (1) Maureen Toms (I), Kenneth Berling-Orozco, Sarita Lynnette Evans
Treasurer, 4 Year Term, Dina Rosales

The City is purchasing the Faria House
Just as a point of clarification, I was the “speaker”who asked that the Council consider making space available to other Pinole non-profits, specifically the Pinole Artisans and the Pinole Chamber of Commerce in the Faria House.
I did not specifically request office space be allocated for these organizations, rather I simply suggested that the space in the Faria House might be used to benefit and share with other non-profits “looking for a home”.
I recently toured the Faria House with Jeff Rubin and we discussed the purpose of the Faria House and whether or not it could be shared, in some manner, with the aforementioned organizations. I clarified that I had not spoken to either of these organizations but that they currently do not have a visible presence in Old Town and could certainly use one.
After discussing the options and the obstacles, Jeff and I agreed that some type of display area for these organizations could work. They could place material, flyers, etc, in an area that provides visitors with information and materials at the proposed museum.

I have again offered my help for fund-raising for this project, as I do not support the use of public funds for the interior renovations. I am not a contractor but the condition of the interior of the property is bad and the work needed is extensive.

I will support the use of grants, fund-raising events and other methods of raising funds for this project.
Based on my tour and the bids I have seen, I expect that the cost for renovation will cost no less than $400,000.

Citizens Bond Oversight Committee Vacancy
The WCCUSD CBOC seat is vacant.
I served on the CBOC for 6 yards, 3 as Chair and believe it was one of the most important use of my time.
The work this committee is doing is important and necessary.
A representative from Pinole is needed.
Application Here

Pinole Valley High School Project Status Report, 6/30/16

Have a safe and happy weekend.

Go Team USA!



National Night Out Tonight


I have been busy enjoying family and life but it has been brought to my attention that the Annual National Night Out event has changed its traditional format here in Pinole.

The mission of National Night Out is to bring together neighborhoods and to have the community meet and spend time with their public servants.
Let’s always support the men and women who serve and protect us.
This was accomplished in the past by having the public servants caravan thorough the community to several pre-arranged locations.
However, this year there is a major shift in that tradition as National Night Out will be consolidated to one location, Fernandez Park.
National Night Out is today, Tuesday August 2, from 4 to 8 at Fernandez Park.
The following activities are planned:
K9 Demonstration
DUI/Command Center
Crime Prevention
Traffic/Motor Unit
DJ Music by Pistello
Bounce House
Snow Cones
Local Vendors