Where has the time gone?

Time, it is something we can’t get back, it is our most valuable asset.
I have been pretty busy with many things since I lasted posted to my blog. And in spite of the name riccofreako.com being mocked, I remain very proud of the ideas and positions I take when I wrote. Lately I have been reminiscing and taking stock of my life. I am now 74 years of age, I will be celebrating my 55th wedding anniversary with my childhood sweetheart. My only child, my daughter Cindy is going to be 51 years old. I have two beautiful grandchildren, Kyle who is 23 and is engaged to be married in 2020. Rachel who will be 21 in June and is going to take the world by storm, once she figures out what she wants out of life other than making a lot of money!
Writing for me is cathartic, it allows me to move outside the lines and freely express my opinion, my way.
I am going to try to squeeze in some of my personal thoughts and feelings into my blog and use this platform for embracing the many sides of Ivette.