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Ivette Ricco has lived in Pinole California since 1971 when she and her husband Mike purchased their home in the Silver Creek development in Pinole Valley.
It is the first and the only home Mike and Ivette ever purchased and continues to be their primary residence.
Mike and Ivette raised their only daughter Cindy in Pinole, where she attended all Pinole public schools. Cindy married a Pinole boy, Richard Terrill and they now live in Napa with their children Kyle (20) and Rachel (17).
Ivette and Mike will celebrate their 52nd wedding anniversary in May 2016.

Ivette’s career has been diverse and accomplished.
She worked her way up the ranks as a data entry operator, data entry supervisor, and was then recruited to open a branch office for a National Student Loan Collection Agency in Corte Madera, Cal.  and manage all aspects of the new branch, hiring, firing, training and developing operational procedures and manuals.
While raising her family and pursuing her career Ivette attended Contra Costa College and studied, management, accounting, computer science and journalism.

Ivette’s success as the only female branch manager for Capital Credit Corporation was unprecedented, leading to her promotion to National Director for Student Loan Collections a promotion that made it necessary for Ivette to work from Burlingame Ca, and Atlanta, Ga. in order to oversee a nationwide staff of 300. Ivette was responsible for managing a multi-million dollar Federal contract and overseeing all the operations and management of that contract.

Ivette was then recruited by Working Capital Company, an accounts receivable company, based in Emeryville, to head their operations as Operations Manager eventually being promoted to Vice President of Operations.

An accounts receivable executive, such as Ivette, is someone who manages the incoming cash flow for a company. Accounts receivable executives work in a variety of industries and handle a number of financial duties and responsibilities, including evaluating and maintaining budgets.
Ivette’s responsibilities included overseeing the companies’ $10 million dollar annual budget, the companies’ operations,the integration of business development goals as well as the management of client portfolios. Ivette retired from her career in 2001 to spend more time with her young grandchildren. During that time she also founded a website for the millions of women who are avid sports fan, http://www.femmefan.com. The site is still active.  At its peak during the years 2005-2006 http://www.Femmefan.com averaged over 2.5 million hits per month and Ivette was frequently interviewed by the media.
Since that time she has acted as the Executive Director of the Pinole Chamber of Commerce, 2002-2007 and started her own consulting business, Ivette Ricco Services.
From September 2008 until June 2012 Ivette served as the President of the Pinole Chamber of Commerce. Under her leadership the Chamber grew and prospered and many new fund raising and community events were developed.
Ivette also advocated for and was successful in transforming the vacant lot in Old Town Pinole, 2301 San Pablo Ave. into a community asset known as the Community Corner.
In 2012 Ivette stepped down as President of the Pinole Chamber of Commerce to campaign for the Pinole City Council. Ivette lost that election by 400 votes.



Ivette in her Campaign Mobile, 2012

In addition to leading the Chamber Ivette has been very involved in her community.
She was honored as the Pinole Woman of the Year in 2003. She served on the Design Review Board, the Community Services Commission and as VP of the Pinole Chapter of AARP.
On October 25, 2012,Ivette was honored by the Rotary Club of Pinole with their Community Services Award.

Ivette also joined the grass roots effort to stop the City and Verizon from placing a cell tower in Pinole Valley Park. An effort that was successful.
Ivette has served on the  Save the Pinole Swim Center Committee, which succeeded in keeping the Swim Center open and the committee to develop a SK8 Park in Pinole, which successfully opened in September of 2015 after a nine year effort.

Ivette has served on the WCCUSD Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee, as a member since 2010 and as CBOC Chair from February 2013 to January 2016.

In January of 2016 Ivette was recognized by the WCCUSD Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee as the longest serving member in the history of the CBOC.
Ivette was also recognized for serving as Chair from February 27, 2013 through January 27, 2016, the longest tenure of any CBOC Chair in the history of the WCCUSD CBOC.
Ivette was selected to serve on the Clay Investigation ad-hoc subcommittee, joining Trustees, Valerie Cuevas and Liz Block to develop the process and report on the progress of the investigation into the allegations made by an employee of the District.

Ivette is now fully retired from her career and her business.

The Community Corner "wet" crew

The Community Corner “wet” crew

Bear Claw Makeover team

Bear Claw Makeover team

Sugar City Business of the Year 2012

Sugar City Business of the Year 2012

My family

Life is too short not to live it to its fullest, to share it with those who you love and to savor each and every moment.

Ivette Ricco

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  1. Ivette: My name is Tom Abate. I am an editor with Pinole Patch. You know more about the city than I am ever likely to learn. Can I interest you in putting some of your material on Patch? Sal the Plumber suggested I contact you. He had emailed me because he continues to be disappointed that there no one covers the city the way that Rob Shea had done. I am hopeful of enlisting citizens like yourself to be contributors.

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